Desert Home Interior Design


For the families living near the desert areas, there’re plenty of the sandstorms and winds in their houses. Today we’re going to discuss the latest trends for the designing of desert homes. These interior designing ideas are so heart-filling because they have an extraordinary graphics punch and colors schemes that are usually not found in normal homes.

Desert Home Interior Desgin Latest 2019

Use of Leather

In the desert home interior designs, there’s a touch of leather things likewise the mid-century. The leather sofas, chairs, cabinet pulls, and small tables are more common.

The leather accessories provide a contemporary look instead of modern look. This look is so eye-catching and innovative that this drags the attention of viewers profoundly.

The colors used for leather furniture are light and cognac colors like pastel pink, silvery white or shimmery purple. Anyhow the use of dark colors for the leather furniture is decidedly less in the desert home interior designs.

Nature Inspired Artwork

Beautiful paintings are hanging on the walls. These paintings are abstract painting with colors thrown at the random. Apart from it, the use of original painting ideas like trees, mountains, fountains, and rain is much every day. This thing adds spectacular beauty to the desert homes.

Wood Furniture

We’ve observed that the desert homes have wooden furniture that presents a rustic touch. Wooden beds, dining tables, wooden lamps, side tables, kitchen shelves, dressing tables are mostly of wood. The custom dark wood and granite table stands present a fabulous outlook.

White Paint

White paint gives a clear and brighter look to the desert homes. White walls make the houses spacier, and it starts shinning beautifully. The white painted walls provide a fresh and simple look that is not much thematic.


Plants are predominantly found in the sitting rooms or the garages. Cactus, succulents, palm trees, drought-resistant plants, air plants, Aloe Vera, fiddle-leaf-fig found in every house. These plants not only give the charismatic outlook but also ensure for good health.

Gallery Styled Hallway

There’re the galleries styled hallways that illuminate with the light colors of lighting especially white. The walls of the entrance are embellished with the unique-styled glass pieces.

C-Shaped Furniture

In the living rooms, the C-shaped furniture like the curved-beige sofa, armchairs and circular tables are found. The curved styled sofas are topped with marble and usually have a fireplace in between the couches.

Master Bedrooms with sliding Glass Panels

In the desert hone interiors, there’re master bedrooms with the sliding glass panels. The glass windows cover one wall which gives an outer view.


Rugs of southwestern style and kilim rug are present. They have high graphics designs with multiple colors. Apart from carpets the use of embellishing items like throw pillows, decorative glass items, and upholstered furniture.

Unique styled Textiles

In the desert home interior designs, the use of unique styled textile is every day. Like the bed sheets, pillows, are of Californian eclectic style, indigo textiles and Chinese embroidery in bright colors.

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