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In the world of modernization people look forward for the new trends to follow, they want something really unique that fits them in the elite class whether it is about their lifestyle, clothing or home decor. As far as concern to home decor, different countries follow their own culture to interior designing which changes over time to time.


American Home Designing And History

In America, interior home design trends reflects everything from the way they spend their lives to the way of their social interaction. If we talked about the history of interior designing we came to know of different arts and craft, patterns and structures like as Art Nouveau which was completely influenced by craftsmanship style, romanticism and symbolism. 1920’s Art Deco, full of geometric marbles and brass spaces. Some of today’s most iconic building were designed according to Art Deco style including Rockefeller Center in New York City.

International style of 1930, has simple honest and clear design, Buildings and designs would include glass, steel and reinforced concrete. 1940’s Organic design consists of organic, flowing natural forms, undulating lines and dynamic curves. 1950’s design of Functionalism and Modernism, design that consumers demanded more than ever. 1950’s design styles were influenced by megastar designers like Normal Bell Geddes and Raymond Lowey, 1960 was an era of Modern Age/Space Age. The architecture and graphic designs of 1960 were completely based on the themes of atomic science and space races.

Materialism and Consumerism was the specialty of 1970, positioning the time back to nature and embrace the environment. Using natural colors and materials was the specialty of 1970s interior designing. 1980, the time of Postmodernism and Memphis. The style reflects the saturation to modernism. The highlighted point of 1980’s was where the styles collide, guidelines were not set for color and material, design was created for its own sake not for purpose or function. Coming to 1990’s Minimalism, the objects and interiors were toned down, minimal and soothing designs.

Today’s World and Interior Designs

The theme of 2000 was Green and Sustainable. Since in 2000 people become more conscious about environmental hazards so the designed came up to the solution and turn out their designs to sustainable architecture and automotive design that used a conscious approach to energy and conservation. And now the time for 2010, today the trends are based on homemade and authentic designs. Consumers want to revitalize, renew and reuse the vintage pieces in the new style and norm that absolutely fits according to the new fashion and gives a luxurious touch to their homes.


Most people want to go for different themes to design their house like Eclectic style. It covers ideas from a range of different era, trends and styles with a sense of balance with your decoration. Apart from modern look, some people go for Industrial designs. There are many like vintage designs, or etc. There are many styles and designs which people like to go for. From my point of view, For the house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another.

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