18 of Baking Bad : 2020 Quarantine Edition

So, after your time of self-isolation, you have chosen to do something constructive and started doing house chores? Good for you! Many people staying at home have gathered a new or two hobby, and what could be better than teaching yourself how to make delicious food, right?

At the moment, millions of people locked in their homes google how to knit, make masks, draw, write books and cook. Cooking is certainly a life-skill that will be useful regardless of how old you are. One of the sub-skills of easiest cooking is to make pastries. Well, at least, if you know what you’re doing it is easy.

Everything you need for making the dough is some simple ingredients and a hot oven. That is what (mostly) there is to it. Creating crafty baking projects can produce some delicious results and even if you suck at first, a cookie is still a cookie! And banana bread will always taste great whatever looks like it.

But some people are really bad about it, and they have decided to share their mistakes with the internet. So let’s look at the most spectacular fails in baking, during this quarantine you will see!

1. It’s that legendary banana bread that got it all started.