12 Of The Tiny Face Makeup Challenge

Coronavirus has in many ways altered our lives. But today we want to talk about one of the dumb coronavirus repercussions.

Because we are encouraged to wear masks, we can not really do our makeup the way we are used to doing it.
The foundation gets on the mask, contouring is rendered useless and the last time we wore lipstick we can not even remember.

Okay, if you want your makeup looks to have some fun, show off your skills and try a funny trend check out Instagram’s # TinyFaceMakeupChallenge.

Testing your skills and shocking people on the street and making them do a double-take is a fun and imaginative way to.
Provided, of course, that you can go outside, if not it can turn into a very fun photoshoot at home and a series of zoom calls.

1. In fact it looks very cute, real and credible at a glance, don’t you think?